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This is an author newsletter with a difference. First of all, it is anticontemporary - nothing you read here will ever be a “hot take” or “of the moment,” except in the most roundabout way. What I’m after here, and want to direct your attention to, are the permanent things in life - the values and ideas that last behind the changing appearances of the world.

In addition to being a home for links to my published stories, original fiction written just for the newsletter, and essays, I will also regularly give book recommendations.

Book recommendations?” you ask, “but I can get those anywhere.

Not these kind of book recommendations.

My recommendations are for books I have read not just once, but twice in succession: I finished the book and thought it was so worthwhile I flipped back to the beginning and starting reading it again. I recommend only books that have depth, which is my general term for works that reveal new and deeper things with each rereading.

I don’t write reviews, however. I let the fact that I found a book worth reading twice stand for itself as a recommendation. Rather, along with my recommendation, I write original essays drawing out, expanding upon, and synthesizing ideas and themes from the book, connecting them to other branches of knowledge, other ideas, and (yes) other books. The recommendation essays are designed to stand alone, and to increase your enjoyment of the work.

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About Spoilers

I will be recommending novels and short story collections along with nonfiction books. Please be aware that I do not warn about spoilers - my contention is that any book worth reading, and in particular rereading, should not be dependent on whether you go in knowing what happens or not.

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I aim to publish new content biweekly, alternating original essays with recommendations, as well as links to stories published in other places and the occasional just for the newsletter short story.

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